Julian Bovis - Chimney Pots and Pans

A2 Chimney Pots Pans.jpg
A2 Chimney Pots Pans.jpg

Julian Bovis - Chimney Pots and Pans


Chimney Pots and Pans by Julian Bovis
Limited edition print, 1 of 33, unframed

Chimney Pots and Pans was drawn by Julian Bovis for the Weavers Factory inaugural exhibition, ‘Joan Charnley - Cut Grass, Lavender, Chanel No.5” in April 2019. It depicts the village of Uppermill in Saddleworth on a summer moonlit night, the Victorian Yorkshire stone houses contrasting with the dark moorland behind and topped off with the Pots and Pans War Memorial.
Julian’s hand-drawn images use altered scale, perspective and montage to create unique imaginary landscapes.

Size: 594mm x 841mm (A2)
Paper: 300gsm, fine art giclee print
Signature and stamp: The paper includes the unique ‘Weavers Factory’ authentication emboss stamp on the image, with Julian’s signature and title above.

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