Julian Bovis

About the artist

Julian Bovis is an urban landscape artist using pen and ink and digital technology. He produces large-scale original ink pen drawings and limited-edition giclee prints of the built environment with particular emphasis on repetition, graphical pattern and perspective. He studied Architecture at the University of Plymouth and worked as an art director on Fleet Street for 20-years before leaving the Daily Telegraph in 2008 to work full-time as an artist. He is curator of the Weavers Factory.

Julian Bovis - Weavers Factory Exhibition

Joan Charnley - Cut Grass, Lavender, Chanel No.5
The Weavers Factory, 6th April - 28th April, 2019

Julian exhibited three paintings at the Weavers Factory inaugural exhibition, Joan Charnley - Cut Grass, Lavender, Chanel No.5. The three works featured Joan Charnley’s favourite places in Great Britain; Saddleworth, Suffolk and the Hebrides.


Julian Bovis’s Past Exhibitions

2016 - New Topogrophies, Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester
2015 - John Ruskin Prize, New Walsall Gallery
2015 - The Cotswold Way, Prema Arts, Gloucestershire
2013 - TwentyTwenty Richmond, Architect’s Gallery, Richmond