SIna sparrow

Sina Sparrow is an Iranian Pop Artist and DJ based in Hastings. Born in Manchester, Sina’s family moved home to Iran before settling back in London after the 1979 Iranian revolution. Always an outsider, he sought escapism through drawing Zines before becoming a Pop Artist and illustrator. In 2010 has launched London’s infamous “Debbie” nightclub, which he still runs, and in 2018 designed a perfume range with Bella Freud and Liberty


The Weavers Factory, 3rd August - 1st September, 2019

Sina Sparrow’s ‘PoppyCock’ exhibition at the Weavers Factory launched on 3rd August, 2019. The exhibition is Sina’s first UK retrospective and includes hand-drawn zines, portraits of pop stars and large format illustrations of dead gay adult film stars.