“We Play in Time” will be a brand new quilt designed by local makers to celebrate the legacy of Dobcross Silver Band. One hundred individually designed woollen squares will be sewn together live on Saturday 15th June 2019 at the Weavers Factory in Saddleworth

What’s it about?
As part of Simon Buckley’s ‘We Play In Time’ exhibition at the Weavers Factory, the theme of the quilt will be Brass Band music, the village of Dobcross, the role Brass Band music has played in British history and what it means to you. 

Make a square!
If you’re a local artist, knitter, stitcher or craftsperson you can be part of the new Dobcross Quilt. There are one hundred 20cm x 20cm woollen squares available, all you need to do is pick up your free square from the Weavers Factory, take it home and create it, then hand it in before Friday 14th June. 

Weavers Factory Dates

Pick up your square: From Saturday 11th May onwards 
Deliver your square: Before Friday 14th June
Quilt Making Day: Watch your square become part of the new
Dobcross Quilt at a live sewing event on Saturday 15th June

The Weavers Factory, 13 New Street, Uppermill, OL3 6AU.
10am - 4pm, Thur to Sun


Thanks to Mallalieus of Delph for kindly donating the 100 woollen squares